Aluminum-Wood carpentry

aluminijum-drvo stolarija sistemal plus doo Durability and strength of aluminum, as well as the beauty and sophistication of wood give this combination of features that none of these two materials alone can not reach.
Great result but also a great challenge to incorporate these two materials in order that results in extraordinary characteristics. Therefore, we use only the profile manufacturers who have this combination of the first and the present and set world standards this type of product in question.
Aluminum protects the wood from outside influences, rain, sun and frost and enables him long life.

Technical description of the system:

  • Tread depth frame: 90mm.
  • Tread depth on wings: 111mmm .
  • The minimum visible width: 117mm.
  • Minimal visible width of "I" profile: 78mm.
  • Mechanism capacity on the wing: do 130kg
  • Debljina stakla: do 32mm.
  • Glazing: Aluseal 3 sistem
  • Type of thermal protection: 24mm poliamid.
aluminijum-drvo stolarija sistemal plus doo

This is an exclusive offer with a thermal break accentuated by heat and sound insulation, and high safety standards. This system is a combination of high quality aluminum with unquestionable style and esthetics of wood. I blend of aluminum and wood made ​​by a special buckles which allow air circulation, preventing corrosion due to condensation. This system is considered especially safe because of the application of a special mehaniyma with mushrooms and 13mm PVC groove. As rezultt achieved 30min. anti-burglary protection. Also, 24mm wide polyamide applied in this system raised the insulation. This system is ideal for luxuriously designed facilities and large openings. Peculiarities of the structure and carrying capacity of wings is 250kg on guide made ​​of stainless steel and glazing glazing thickness up to 46mm.

aluminijum-drvo stolarija sistemal plus doo